30 Day Prayer Challenge – Surrender

We are in the midst of a 30 Day Prayer Challenge at First Baptist – Columbus, the congregation I am blessed to serve as pastor. This blog is addressed to that challenge and its participants, but I hope might speak to others beyond our faith community as well.

A Prayer of Surrender to God’s Will

“. . . not what I want, but what you want.” (Mark 14:36b).  These are the words of Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane after he prays that the cup of suffering that awaits him might somehow pass from him.  It’s a prayer of surrender and obedience.

Are we able to pray this prayer?  Might we pray it for the church?  How about for our family?  Or, for a loved one? Could it become a prayer of our heart for a perplexing problem we are up against?  Might it become something of a “life prayer” for us?

Before you too quickly agree, consider this.  It’s a prayer of complete surrender to the will of God.  It assumes and believes that God is sovereign and knows what it best.  It is a prayer of trust and total faith.  But it is also a prayer of continued engagement.  In other words, you don’t pray this prayer in an attitude of abandonment – “Whatever, Lord!  Whatever you think best!”  No, we don’t give up on God and fade into a passive stance upon praying this prayer.  We stay engaged – searching for God’s will, listening for it, when we pray this prayer.  And when we recognize God’s will, we respond to it by becoming obedient to it.

Yes, it’s a hard prayer to pray.  It’s the stuff of complete faithful obedience.  Will you dare to pray this prayer today?

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  1. Dortha Anderson

    I have printed the prayer and will keep it with my bible and use it during my devotionals. I will pray this every day.

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