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Mulling Mulberries

It’s mulberry season!  What? That doesn’t cause your taste buds to salivate?  Mine either.

While on a bike ride around town I could not help but notice how many mulberry trees are currently dropping their fruit all over the pavement, sidewalks, People trail, and any other ground cover that’s within reach.  The tell tale signs of purple stains are a sure give away that this year’s crop is once again abundant.  And the birds are happy about that.

I grew up with a mulberry tree growing in the fence row which just happened to border our back yard basketball court.  This pesky tree and I had a love-hate relationship.  Actually the tree probably could’ve cared less how I felt about it.  But it did illicit some strong emotions from me. Continue reading

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This time of year always reminds me of my childhood, growing up in central Indiana. Childhood can be a grand experience – perhaps only fully appreciated in hind sight.  My own childhood was safe, happy and filled with things that I enjoyed.

As the youngest of five children in my family of origin, and living in a rural setting, I was often my own best play mate.  I utilized my imagination to fully engage in daily basketball games on the court in the backyard.  I played all the players – tossing the ball to myself from myself – giving myself names of South Putnam High School or Purdue University players I admired, and narrating the radio call of the game in my head – or out loud.

And you know what? I never lost a game! Continue reading


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Blowin’ in the Wind

“The wind blows wherever it pleases.  You hear its sound,
but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.
So it is with everyone born of the Spirit”. – Jesus (John 3:8 NIV)

In the world of cycling, even for an amateur like myself, you soon learn that the wind is both your friend and foe – maybe even on the same ride.  Spring rides have a way of reminding you of this truth.  On a recent ride, going east to west, I looked down to see the speedometer hit 30 mph (with the aid of both a tail wind and downhill path), but coming back (west to east) I had a hard time mustering 10 to 12 mph against the head wind and that same hill.  On that particular ride the wind was my friend and my foe.

I’ve also learned that wind is rather fickle.  It can come at you from all directions. Continue reading

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detour Monday I went for a well mapped out bike ride on a beautiful Fall day.  Everything was going as planned.  Taking the back roads I was free of traffic and made it to my lunch break destination with time to enjoy the scenery.  Then, after lunch, about a mile into the rest of my route, I came across a detour. Whereas I had planned to turn right, cross a bridge and continue back road riding as I meandered home; my right turn was blocked by a “road closed – detour” sign complete with barrier across said bridge.

This really wasn’t too big of an inconvenience as I was familiar with the area and able to navigate an alternate route around the detour.  But as I cycled home I just kept thinking about that “road closed – detour” sign.  Isn’t that like life? We have our well planned and mapped out route in mind and go about following the map/plan and then – surprise!  Detour! Continue reading


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On Being Rooted

Today on my Monday ride (Monday’s being a day off when I try and take a longer cycling ride) I enjoyed seeing the beauty of some of Bartholomew County’s farmland in full summer season.  The corn is growing and beans likewise.  Most of the wheat has been cut and straw baled, with a couple of double crop bean fields noticed.  One farmer was disking up a field that was yielding the sweet smell of fresh earth as I rode past – life in the country!

With such a firsthand view of these scenes my mind kept falling back to the importance of being grounded or rooted in life and faith.  I’m a country boy at heart, raised to appreciate the land and the resources it provides.  I’ve also come to understand there is a spirituality of land and place that God often uses to get our attention and draw us close. Continue reading


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