Continuing the Conversation

As someone who has the opportunity to speak to a group of people almost every Sunday through the medium of preaching – and someone with a communications background – I’ve always thought of what I do as beginning the conversation.  Perhaps I begin it interpersonally with a congregant or more who follow up during the week with a comment, question, or remark.  Or, perhaps I spark a conversation a listener/participant has with God in their own prayer life.  Or, maybe what I started in 20 or so minutes on a Sunday morning is continued in conversation between family members or friends later that day or week.  This summer I have enjoyed using a monthly sermon feedback forum to continue the conversation with those who’ve participated in our faith community after worship. 

This blog is my effort at opening another venue for “continuing the conversation”.  I hope some who read and respond are part of our faith community at FBC Columbus.  And I hope there might be others who join in as well.  My intent is to post some musings, questions and thoughts regarding a theme I’m working with.  Reflection is always richer when its collaborative, so here’s another medium through which to do so.  Let’s continue the conversation  . . . .

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