God Speaks

Daffodils  The attached picture is a scene from my morning walk from parking lot to office during these early days of Spring.  It was taken today, during Holy Week, as we make the annual pilgrimage with Jesus through the events of his passion.  It captures both the essence of where this week is headed – the hope and promise of new life; and reveals the residual holdings on of the what the next few days of the week bespeak – death, decay.

Notice the crumpled leaves hidden in recesses and alcoves of building and landscape that have clung through the winter. It’s so hard to let go of that which mires us down in the stuff of our lives and selves.  It’s always hanging on, around the edges, in the crevasses and the shadows – like a dead leaf that just won’t give in and blow away. But, in contrast to the earth tones of leftover winter, comes the bright and life holding color of spring.  Green and yellow – dare we say Easter? Resurrection? New life?

God speaks to us through both the book of nature and the book of Scripture.  Will we listen?  What message do you hear and see?

I’m aware, even as I take note, that this scene and the hope and growth it represents, speaks so clearly this spring day because last autumn two women took the time and effort to plant these bulbs, thin this landscaping and imagine this sidewalk brightened by nature’s beauty.  These messengers, or should we say witnesses, saw what might be and in faith sowed the seeds for it to take root and bloom.

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news . . . . the news of Easter . . . the news of Resurrection.  How is our Lord calling you to share this same news this week and beyond?

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