Live Simply: Share Enough

Sharing is one of those Pre-K lessons of life that builds a good foundation for the future.  It seems that those who learn to share early in life have a much greater chance of living from a place of contentment and thanksgiving than those who do not.  This is not suggest that learning to share is impossible later in life, its just that it may require some remedial work.

Who taught you how to share?  Was it your parents, or perhaps a grandparent? A teacher? A mentor? Your spouse? Who comes to mind when you think of someone who “shares enough”? 

Paul, in his “thank you” letter to the church at Philippi says, “I thank my God every time I remember  you . . . because of your sharing in the gospel from the first day until now.”  Is there anyone who’s been there with you from day one in the faith, sharing? Wouldn’t this coming week be a great time to send that person a “thank you”?

Thanksgiving is a day for sharing.  We share food, time with friends and family, conversation, the fun of a football game or other family tradition.  Hopefully we also share some “thanks givings” as we take time to reflect on the past year, or more, and express gratitude to God and others.

But you might ask yourself: “Do I share enough?”  Do I share enough of myself with others – my gifts, knowledge, compassion, interest, attention?  Or, do I hold back?  Do I share enough of God’s love, mercy, kindness and story?  Or, do I talk myself out of it for fear of offending?  Do I share enough of my assets?  Or, do I hoard, hold and collect as a first response?

Where would I be, where would you be, if someone hadn’t cared enough to share enough with us?  These are the questions spending time with Philippians 4:10-14 brings to mind.

I’ll be sharing more about this on Sunday, November 20th during worship at First Baptist Church of Columbus, IN.  Thank you for taking a moment to read and reflect today.


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