Eyes to See as God Sees

The prayer focus for today on our FBC Columbus prayer calendar invites us to pray “to see as God sees”.  Let’s stop and think about this for a moment.

What does God see?  Everything.  All things. Each one. From the smallest to the largest, the least to the greatest.  God sees all.

How can we possibly see all that God sees?Well, we can’t.  But we can train our eyes and minds to become more attentive to the things that God sees.  We can become aware.  We can grow in our capacity and enlarge our vision to see, as it were, with God’s eyes.

I can remember my kids making a “God’s eye” craft at camp or VBS in years past.  Do you know this craft?  It is a yarn and wood craft that comes from ancient native American traditions – probably Mexico or the southwest of the USA.   It’s often attributed to pueblo peoples and was part of their spiritual practice. Making the Ojos de Dios (eyes of God in Spanish) was a weaving practice of solitude and meditation, shared for the purpose of seeking God’s wisdom and blessing.  The finished product, adorning a dwelling or camp, was a reminder of that continual need to see as God sees, in order to live life with proper balance and respect.

Fast forward that thought to our day and age.  Don’t we need that same prayer?  Would not we be better for taking time in our day, week, life to reflect and pray that we too could see (if only some of) what God sees.  Wouldn’t we become a more compassionate people?  A less self-absorbed people?  A more aware of others people?  Would not our hearts begin to beat for the very things that stir the heart of God?  Love of neighbor, engagement with the least of these?

This is such an important prayer.  So worthy of our focus.  So needed for our future. Perhaps you will take it up as your prayer today.

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