This Sunday at FBC Columbus we begin a three-week stewardship emphasis using the theme “Connect, Grow, Serve”.  We will be thinking about connections and connecting this week through an interesting passage of Scripture: Matthew 12:46-50.

As I have stopped to reflect on this theme I became aware of just how often I have used this word “connect”, or some version of it, in ministry.It has appeared in sermon titles, ministry program names, verbiage used with teams and individuals.  I’ve talked about “building connections”, “cross connections”, our connection with Christ, making a connection with others in the body of Christ, and connecting God’s love and grace with the world around us.

I’m also aware of the importance of those who’ve been “connectors” in my life.  This includes those who helped me connect to faith in Jesus Christ, those who connected me to resources and information to help grow that faith, pursue a call to serve Christ and the church, and on and on.   It seems we are always making connections when it comes to being Christ followers.  And it seems that Christ himself is central to that connecting.

In short we have a “connectional” faith – not a keep it to yourself faith.  We are encouraged by connections, and encouraged to help make connections in Jesus’ name.

Let me end with some questions: How does your faith community (church) help you connect?  How does it help you connect with Christ?  How does it help you connect with others?  How does it help you connect with God’s mission?

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