What do you treasure?

In Matthew 6:21 Jesus says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” So, what do you treasure? We all treasure something. Most of us more than just one thing. From the youngest to the oldest among us, our treasures are revealed in the spaces we occupy and the way we utilize our resources – that is, how we spend our time and money.

It’s been said that “life organizes itself around the heart”. This is to say we give priority in both our emotions and will (the heart was long believed to be the center of one’s will) to those things that concern our hearts. Treasure and heart often occupy the same real estate. So, I’ll ask again, “what do you treasure?”

This verse of scripture is part of a passage that contains Jesus’ teaching on prayer ( see Matthew 6:9-13). In my study of the text this week I’ve made a connection between Jesus’ statement on treasure and the prayer he taught his disciples. We might think of this prayer as a coaching guide toward learning to treasure the things of God’s kingdom. In other words, prayer in the example of this model prayer, will help us organize our hearts around the priorities of the kingdom of the heaven.

This will be part of what I hope we discover together this coming Sunday as we continue our journey in Matthew. This week’s gospel focus is Matthew 6:7-21. Join us!

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